NorCross HawkEye F33P Cheap Fish Finder Review

If you love fishing, a fish finder is the device that you will love and it is a device that you shouldn’t go without. Now most of the fish finders that are available in the market aren’t cheap. If you need a reliable as well as cheap fish finder, you need Norcross Hawkeye F33P. Keep reading for a complete Norcross Hawkeye F33P fish finder review.

NorCross HawkEye F33P




Hawkeye Portable Fish Finder Has Average  3.6 out of 5 Rating,  249 Customer Reviews. Display Size : 2.3 inches, Battery Life: 30 hours, Product Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 2 inches, Warranty: 2 Years.



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Features Fawkeye Fish Finder

  • When we talk of cheap fish finders, Norcross Hawkeye F33P fish finder is said to be the best one. It is one of the most affordable fish finders that you will find in the market.
  • It is equipped with ultra wide sonar beam that works at 25 degrees.
  • The wide beam sonar let you find fish easily.
  • Algorithmic programming always shows you correct reading.
  • Hawkeye F33P portable fish finder has 2.3 inches screen with 160×132 resolution.
  • Weed ID shows exact reading of weeds.
  • Very small in size. Portable and easy to use.


  • What I personally love about Norcross Hawkeye F33P fish finder is its price. At such a sheer price, you’ll not going to find anything similar with so many features.
  • It is extremely easy-to-use.
  • It has pretty much everything included that you will see in those high-end expensive fish finders.
  • A perfect device for starters and beginners.
  • It is a portable device.
  • Battery life of up to 30 hours.

Norcross Hawkeye F33P is a perfect fish finder for you if you cannot afford those expensive devices. It has everything that you need in a fish finder ranging from a dual beam sonar to portability. Since it is extremely low-priced therefore it is best for those who are looking for their very first fish finder. It is easy-to-use and portable fish finder thus you can take it with you every time you go out for fishing. Get your Norcross Hawkeye F33P fish finder now to double your fishing experience.

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