Lowrance Elite-7 Chartplotter Review

The Lowrance’s new product has two main tools one is for finding fishes and other for navigation, these chart plotters/fish finders have been included in by the company with Lowrance Elite-7 CHIRP Fishfinder. With widescreen 7 inch display you get an extra clear view chart plotter combines CHIRP Sonar with Down Scan Imaging and Insight basemap cartography. The display is really a thing which is worth the price. With this being said, on comparing it with the screen of an iPad Mini it is just a little bit smaller.



Lowrance Elite-7 CHIRP Fishfinder



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Hybrid Dual Imaging Technology

elite 7 hdi

HDI technology means that the power of two imaging systems joined together is in your hand which distinguishes clearly between fish structure and arches and shows the bottom clearly.

Both high resolution Down Scan SONAR and Broadband SONAR can easily be viewed on this Lowrance elite 7 hdi, this transducer ,which is nearly equal to any other transducer in size, can be installed quite easily; so that you may get to see echoes from the broadband SONAR with echoes of high-resolution 3D SONAR.


Track-Back Feature

Track-Back feature lets the user to review the sonar history so that the user can go back and check the SONAR readings to make it clear that he hasn’t miss anything at the same time if he has GPS on, the company’s elite 7 hdi will also provide him back with directions back to the spot, in case if he has missed something.

Lowrance Mark-4 also contains the track back feature and has efficient and accurate internal GPS; it also comes with a built-in base map which is compatible with Navionics® Gold, Fishing Hotspots® Pro and can be updated with the help of built-in microSD card which also waterproof.

Crystal-Clear Down Scan Imaging

Lowrance elite’s Down Scan Imaging technology gives you a crystal clear view of the bait fish, bottom, predator fish, structure and thermo clines located directly underneath the boat. There is no need for interpretation. Lowrance elite 7 hdi combo allows you to choose between 455 kHz and 800 kHz; it also consists of 83 kHz/200 kHz sonar:

  • 455 kHz: With this frequency you can get deeper and wider imaging coverage.
  • 800 kHz: With this frequency you get enhanced view of the targeted or selected location.
  • 83 kHz: With this frequency you can easily explore locations at higher speeds and in deeper water.


Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Combo has the same transducer frequency like elite 7 Chartplotter and can send sonar to a depth of 2500 feet and can work efficiently at 70 mph speed. For GPS it has a support for microSD and microSDHC card, it also consists of internal GPS which is quite accurate.

Marking Waypoints

Waypoints can be marked so that you may get to know where the big fish was and where you caught it. This marking feature comes built-in with Base map or Navionics. Base map is a very simple map and it isn’t fully reliable to be used for navigation. If you are thinking to do chart plotting heavily, you would have to include an additional charting package. Navionics Gold Charts display outlines like a paper-chart and is able to show whole continents and on zooming it will still provide you location with accuracy up to nearly 3 feet.

Internal GPS antenna is 16 Channel and has pre-loaded memory which can store up to 3,000 waypoints, 100 retraceable plot trails/10,000 points per trail and 100 routes/ 100 waypoints per route.

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lowrance elite 7 hdi combo

Changing View of Split Screen

The big 7inch screen gives you a view of many things on the screen for your comfort.

You can view Broadband SONAR, DownScan SONAR at the same time or you can view them separately, and you can also give a view to charting alone or you could view it in combination with others or with any one of DownScan SONAR or Broadband SONAR.

The view also allows you to compare the readings of DownScan and Broadband SONAR next to each other or you can view all the three things at once.

An option is also available in the menu to adjust the panel’s size which by default gives every panel equal size, but you can easily change the view of one to see it a little bit more bigly.


Single Hand Usage

The Lowrance elite 7 hdi can easily be used with a single hand or with just a thumb while holding it in your hand as its entire buttons are located at the right side of the screen. So that you can have your one hand on the motor or wheel and you can use the Lowrance elite 7  fishfinder with the other hand.

Easy to USE the Lowrance CHIRP Sonar


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Lowrance elite 7 hdi has one year limited warranty and is supported by Lowrance Advantage Service program.

The box includes:

  • Installation hardware
  • Mounting bracket
  • Transom mount transducer
  • Elite-7 Combo plotter/fish finder
  • Owner’s manual

Connecting the HDS and Elite Series

The Lowrance Elite-7 hdi is a bridge among the higher-end Lowrance HDS series and Lowrance Elite series. In past, the capability to have mutually DownScan SONAR and Broadband SONAR was only included in the HDS series units.

In present, the Elite-7 hdi has a larger screen which is quite bigger than HDS-7 other than this it also provides you with mapping technology and SONAR technology which is also available in HDS, but it has been added to Lowrance Elite-7 hdi at a lower price.

If you are not interested in buying high-tech networking features of the HDS Series but you want to really buy DownScan and Broadband SONAR then Lowrance elite 7 hdi would be excellent choice for you and you can easily buy it. Grab it now.

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