Humminbird Helix 7 SI Review

When it comes to finding the best fish finder which would be fulfilling all your needs and requirements, it can actually become quite a tedious task. To solve that problem, you can think about buying the Humminbird helix 7 si.

Even though it can seem to be quite difficult to choose the most appropriate fish finder, you will not be facing any problems with this fish finder. With all of the admirable features and characteristics being rolled up in one fancy package in helix 7, you will have very little scope to find out any flaws in this product. With the help of this fish finder, you will be able to lay all of your weapons at your disposal. With clear sonar imaging and high picture quality, this will be your eyes and ears when you decide to venture underwater.

Humminbird helix 7 si

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A Glass-Bonded Display

As a result of a wide screen and glass-bonded display, you will be able to put all your other high-tech weapons at your disposal. This is because the Humminbird helix 7 will become your eyes and ears when you decide to go underwater. With this fish finder by your side, you will not need anything more. Not only that, but with the glass-bonded display, you will not have to worry about how you will be looking at the screen in bright sunlight. This is because of the anti-glare glass, no pressure will be put in to your eyes.


Side and down imaging with GPS

In terms of choosing the most appropriate fish finder, you will understand that you can have a pretty tough time. This is because the fish finders tend to incorporate only one angle for viewing. Even if they manage to include side and down imaging in some way, you will find that it does not live up to your expectations. In that case, you will feel that your purpose is not being fulfilled.

But, the Humminbird fleix 7 manages to combine both side and down imaging in order to give you fantastic views from all angles. Not only that, but thanks to the Humminbird helix 7 si/gps combo, you will also be able to get a pretty good idea about your current location and destination. If you are a bit short in budget you can also take a look at hummingbird Helix 5 SI.


480x 800 resolution of pixels

With sonar imaging being included in the fish finder, you will be able to experience images like never before. In addition, the 16:9 ratio will entail that you can view both cartography and the sonar images in a simultaneous manner.



  • The Humminbird helix 7 si/gps is a very affordable unit
  • Works very well
  • The DI and sonar features work great
  • Very easy to install and setup



  • Slight problems being faced with the quality of digital images being generated.


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Final words

Therefore, that brings us to the end of the Humminbird helix 7 si gps review. Even though the feature of side view imaging will take a while to learn for some people, there is no doubt that this fish finder is highly impressive. In addition, it also comes with per-uploaded base maps so that you do not have to take the additional hassle of uploading maps.