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How to select a suitable planetary reducer?

2019-07-22 Hits:


Different types of planetary speed reducer are also very different. How to choose suitable planetary reducer?

Torsion calculation:

For the reducer's life, torque accounting is very important, need to pay attention to the acceleration of large torque value (tp) exceeds the reducer's large load torque. The applicable power is usually the applicable power of the servo model in the market. The applicability of the reducer is very high, and the operating coefficient can be maintained above 1.2, but the selection can also be decided according to its own needs:

A. The output shaft diameter of the servo motor shall not be larger than that of the output shaft on the work table.

B. If the torque accounting operation is normal, the rotation speed can meet the normal operation. However, when the servo output is full, current limiting control can be carried out on the motor side or torque protection can be carried out on the mechanical shaft, which is very necessary. The selection of a general reducer consists of the steps of presenting the original condition, selecting the type and determining the specification.

In contrast, the selection is relatively simple, the right and reasonable selection of general reducer specifications is the key to provide accurate reducer operating conditions, master the reducer design, production and use characteristics.

Select specifications for fit strength, thermal balance and axial extension radial loading conditions. Selecting suitable planetary reducer will make our reducer more stable in practice and ensure its service life.

The selection and model of planetary reducer are introduced. Among reducer families, planetary reducer has advantages of small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration scale and high precision. Widely used in servo, stepping, dc and other driving systems.

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