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The cause of precision deviation and its adjustment method

2018-09-17 Hits:

Speed reducer and other transmission equipment precision, mainly for the spindle rotation precision, guide guide precision and transmission chain precision. Adjust the precision from the speed reducer manufacturer.


Spindle rotation accuracy

Main error source

Spindle rotation accuracy, refers to the spindle front working parts of the radial circle run-out, run-out and axial movement size.

The main error sources of spindle rotation accuracy are as follows:

(1) machining error of spindle

There is coaxiality error between the two journal on the spindle

There is coaxiality error between spindle cone hole and journal

The journal has roundness error

There is a verticality error between the axial positioning plane of the bearing and the spindle axis

(2) machining errors of bearings

There are dimensional errors and roundness errors among the rolling bodies of rolling bearings. The inner hole is eccentric to the raceway. Inner circle raceway has roundness error.

There is coaxiality error between front and rear bearings

There are roundness errors and coaxiality errors in inner and outer circles of sliding bearings. There is coaxiality error between front and rear bearings; Bearing hole and journal

There are size errors and so on

(3) machining errors and assembly quality of matching parts

The bearing holes on the gearbox have roundness errors. Size error when matched with bearing ring; Axial positioning of the end face and hole

There is verticality error in the center normal axis

There is end plane error between locking nut and adjusting bearing clearance on reducer spindle. There is a sag between the end face of the nut and the central axis of the thread

Straightness error; There are connection errors between threads

There is parallelism error between two end faces of bearing bush spacer

In the assembly, the bearing clearance adjustment is suitable or not, which has obvious influence on the spindle rotation precision

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