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Association between modern environmental protection cause and reducer industry

2018-09-17 Hits:

The universal use of reducer not only accelerates the vigorous development of reducer industry, but also promotes the improvement of reducer technology. Faced with the great pressure brought by famous foreign reducer enterprises, domestic reducer enterprises are constantly looking for ways to improve their competitiveness. For domestic consumers, compared with domestic reducer, imported reducer also has certain disadvantages.

Reducer is widely used in the major equipment manufacturing industry transmission and speed control equipment, in modern scientific research, national defense, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry and infrastructure construction and other national economic fields are widely used. Products from the initial single cycloidal reducer to the current development of gear reducer, turbine worm reducer.

In the 1980s, the world of gear technology has made great progress. The general trend of product development is miniaturization, high speed, low noise and high reliability. The most notable technology development is: hard tooth surface technology power branch technology and modular design technology.

With the development and construction of modern cities, energy conservation and environmental protection are the inevitable choices to implement the scientific development concept, "transform the mode, adjust the structure", accelerate the urbanization process and realize the harmonious development of economic and ecological benefits. China gear industry development goal is to promote China to become a gear manufacturing power and export power.

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