A Lowrance Elite 3X Review

The Lowrance Elite 3X is a fish finder that is designed to be more than easy to use. It is also made to fit well onto practically any boat one has for fishing. Lowrance elite 3x fishfinder built in 83/200 KHz dual frequency with the 3.5″ color LCD. full color 240 x 360 pixel resolution. The dual frequency covers the maximum visualization which is the best supportive review of this product.

Elite-3x Features



  • An Amazing Fit

It has a design that can be added to any boat or kayek. A tilt and swivel bracket is designed to make it easier to adjust.

This also works with an 83 or 200 kHz dual-frequency scanner depending on what setting the user has. This part of the Lowrance fish finder assists in getting the unit to identify fish and to keep a space clear.

In fact, the fish finder uses a 60 degree coverage range from its space.


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  • What Is the Broadband Sounder?

The Broadband Sounder is a part of the product that makes it different from what other portable fish finder review have found. It scans the water to find fish as well as how the bottom of the water bed is contoured and even the hardness of the area. This can identify fish in many spots and will continue to work while the boat is traveling at speeds of up to 75 mph.

  • A Useful Display

The display screen is one of the top parts of the lowrance fish finder to see. This offers a 320×240 LED display that is easy to read. It also has a series of convenient buttons to adjust the unit. It is slightly smaller than what the Lowrance Elite 5 HDI offers but it does have a screen that is easier to distinguish than what the Lowrance Elite 3X DSI uses.


The Lowrance elite 3X , boat or kayak fish finder will be ideal for many looking to find ways to get to fish with ease. This is designed with a body that is easy to control and is especially efficient for those looking to find fish the right way.

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